What is Mindfulness Self-Compassion?

We all have a busy human mind, constantly bombarding us with thoughts, ideas, and stories, much of which content is not constructive. We may be plagued by self-criticism and negative self-talk; inclusive of a negative self-perception. We may be stuck in stories of scarcity and tragedy. How do we combat all that? Well, we need to turn inwards and learn to be in the present moment.


Because living in a world of illusion, despair and self-judgement, doesn’t allow us to live and unfold our authentic selves; and if we are not being who we are meant to be, then how can we engage in satisfactory relationships, or even enjoy what we have accomplished.

How can I stop this?

Practising Mindfulness Self-Compassion

Learning 3 keys components 


Learning to be in the here and now, without judgment, with intention and purpose. Being mindfully aware of our negative thoughts, and embracing our emotions as they come, allows us to choose to be grounded, and accept them with balance and equanimity. 

Mindfulness is a key component of self-compassion and the first step you will learn in the journey toward facing challenges with a kind attitude towards self.


Learning to treat yourself with the same kindness, concern and support you would provide to a good friend. 

Facing life challenges, struggles, failures, and inadequacies, rather than with shame, harsh self-judgement, criticism and negativism; learn to accept imperfections, acknowledge your own flaws, witness your pain and allow a space for tender, love and healing, accept your own suffering as a shared human experience.

Shared Experience

Recognise that imperfections are part of being humans.

Everyone makes mistakes, fails, makes poor decisions, takes wrong turns in life, has bad days, feels disappointed, hurt, wrong done by, struggles to face difficulty, sinks rock-bottom, feels emotional pain and more. 

This is a shared human experience, but when we are in that moment of despair, we feel isolated, alone and singled out.

Acknowledging that we all experience the same feelings, share similar problems, and recognise that we all may suffer, makes us feel connected and understood by others.

Our program sessions are:

Session 01: Discovering Self compassion 

Session 02: Practising Mindfulness

Session 03: Practising Loving-kindness meditation

Session 04:  Finding your compassionate voice

Session 05: Living Deeply

Session 06: Managing difficult emotions

Session 07: Transforming relationships

Session 08: Embracing your life


Mindfulness Self-Compassion has shown that individuals who significantly increased their self-compassion, compassion for others and engaged in mindfulness, increased their life satisfaction, improved their well-being, reduced depression, anxiety and stress and overall stepped into living a more fulfilling life. It also improved building enriching relationships with others and handling conflict positively.

Want to start changing your way of being?

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