"Own your Story. Write a New Chapter. Create your Happy Ending"

Embracing Change 2024

What to expect?

Faye created the “Embracing Change Retreat” program 8 years ago to help individuals from all walks of life find their own new chapter and rewrite their story. The retreat is a 4 day weekend designed to be all about the individual, with the goal of tapping into inner potential and becoming aware of self-limiting beliefs and negative behavioural patterns.

Faye will guide participants on an immersive journey that will help them recognise the stories holding them back and empower them to make a change in their lives.

At Faye’s Embracing Change Retreat, you’ll spend four days focusing on your personal development and growth. This unique, immersive experience will help you become aware of any self-limiting beliefs or negative behavioural patterns that are not allowing you to live to your full potential.

You’ll also have the opportunity to recognise and rewrite the stories that have been holding you back. With Faye’s guidance, you’ll discover your purpose in life, unveil your resilience and grit, plus learn how to create a more positive and fulfilling future for yourself.

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2019 - Embracing Change

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2023 - Retreat by the Beach - Mantra Lorne


2024 - Retreat by the Beach - Mantra Lorne

Retreat Outline

"Step into Your True Power And Live The Life You Desire."

The Retreat

This 4-day retreat will begin on a Friday and take place at a beautiful location by the beach. This is an opportunity to unplug from the outside world and connect with like-minded people while enjoying plenty of activities designed to promote wellness, relaxation, and a sacred space to connect with your inner self. 

Each day will begin with calming yoga sessions by the beach, followed by a nourishing breakfast, morning and afternoon workshops, group guided meditation, immersive expressive, creative activities, empowerment rituals, 5Rhythms movement practice, lunch & dinner, walks by the beach, massage, and more. This is a chance to reset your mind, body, and soul amidst the natural beauty of our setting. Clarify your values, set goals, discover your life purpose, and change how you think, to re-set your goals and live mindfully.

You’ll leave feeling renewed, re-energised and invigorated.  

When and Where?

Dates: 03-06 May, 2024
Location: Mantra Lorne 
Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Is this Retreat for you?

This retreat is for individuals that:

• Find themselves at the beginning of a transformative life journey.
• Are committed to personal growth and aligning with their core values
• Are ready to enhance their assertiveness and embrace their inner strength.
• Aspire to live a fulfilled life and express their true selves.
• Are prepared to step forward and show up courageously.
• Desire to cultivate authenticity, genuineness, and a willingness to embrace their flaws.
• Are ready to connect with their inner power on a deeper level
•  Open to spiritual practices that can help us in our journey of self-discovery

  • In a mission to find their life purpose and step into a life of abundance
  • In search of change and an immersive holistic experience

Join us for an immersive experience where you can delve into self-discovery, personal growth, inner healing and embracing your true self.




$3600 per person INCLUDING single room accommodation and ALL meals at the 4.5 Star resort Mantra Lorne

$2000 deposit due on registration, balance prior to commencement

Or pay in 4 equal installments with AfterPay



my key Philosophy

My six “p’s” towards transformation…

In a nutshell, Embracing Change is a self-discovery and transformational program that brings that reveals the hidden gem that lies within. Come and make that journey with me, here are my six “P’s” recipe…

  • PLAN your life
  • POTENTIAL reveal what is hidden
  • POSSIBLE you have all it takes within
  • POWERFUL step into resilience & grit
  • PURPOSE discover your life meaning
  • PEACEFUL walk mindfully awakened 

About Faye Evans

Faye is a woman of strength and resilience. She has faced many challenges in her life, but she has never given up. She knows what it is to struggle and to feel pain, but she also knows how to fight for what she wants.

She lived a turbulent childhood, and a conflictive adolescent journey, but despite of all found the inner strength to follow a dream and study. Her determination and passion for learning are admirable. Faye married young, wanting to leave her family home, but despite all the hopes she had for a happy ending, it only brought another saga of tears and pain. She became a mother of two children whom she loves profoundly and who gave her the strength to step into finding a new chapter in her life.

Faye has always been a woman in search of meaning and purpose in life. She studied, researched, and read extensively to help her find her own inner power and understanding. As a psychologist and spiritual woman, she came to realize that faith was her only weapon to navigate the storms of life. Faye made it her mission to use her own life story and experience to transform pain into strength.

In 2000, Faye arrived in Australia and started a new chapter in her life. Currently she is writing a book.