About Faye

Faye Evans is a highly qualified and experienced psychologist who has dedicated her life to working in the mental health and wellbeing industry for three decades. Faye understands the challenges and changes that individuals face in their lives, and she uses her expertise to help them heal, grow, become self-empowered and learn to self-manage with confidence their struggles approaching solutions without fears. She enables them to make positive changes in their lives so they can reach their fullest potential.

Faye is a woman who has endured great pain and suffering but has also found immense growth and transformation. She values her story and believes that each experience has carved and crafted her into the person she is today. Faye made it her life’s mission to help others grow through their challenges and changes and to embrace change as a means of self-transformation. Her own experiences have given her a unique perspective on life, which she shares with warmth and compassion.

Faye's Approach

Faye is an experienced psychologist who brings together a wealth of experience through her life experience and her knowledge of working with clients. She practices with a client-centred focus, promoting emotional healing with mindfulness and self-compassion. Faye has worked with individuals with developmental traumas and attachment difficulties, helping them restore balance to form satisfactory relationships. She trained in short-term psychodynamic therapy, schema therapy, internal family systems, creative and expressive art therapy, emotion-focused therapy and EMDR.

Faye has facilitated years of group therapy and has facilitated different parenting programs overseas and in Australia, she was part of the research team from Mindful-University of Melbourne with The Tuning into Toddlers- program. Faye brings her emotion coaching knowledge to her parenting consulting sessions. Has extensive knowledge in play therapy and works with Theraplay informed practice and dyadic family work to support parents and improve relationships.

Faye currently brings her EMDR knowledge to her work in perinatal mental health, developmental trauma, attachment and will be delivering group EMDR sessions.

Faye’s bespoke approach to care is grounded in neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and spiritual values. Faye is extremely interested and invested in Neurotheology, which refers to the multidisciplinary field that seeks to understand the relationship between the human brain and religion. Neurotheology has been conceived in very broad terms relating to the intersection between religion and brain sciences in general. Faye works with diverse evidence-based models of interventions however centres her work on a holistic and integrative perspective working with mind-body and spirit.

“Change is the chisel that carves your soul into a unique art form”