Psychologist, Inspirational Speaker

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Group Facilitator

Facilitating groups is my passion; I enjoy the group dynamics, the energy in the room, the support of each person and the valuable life experiences everyone brings. Every individual has a story to share, and in that story lies power and lesson from which we can all learn. Coming together and working in unison allows for connection, growth, and testimony to everyone’s journey.

My client work has been centred around developmental and relational trauma, and my knowledge resides in understanding individuals within a systemic framework and their existing relationships. My focus has been on attachment-based therapy and informed interpersonal neurobiology. Working and understanding relationships provided me with an in-depth understanding of families and the role of parents. I’ve researched that field deeply and facilitated yearly multiple parenting groups. My own experience brought me to put together “Heart connections” which I deliver twice a year.

I believe that supporting families needs to begin from the start and that we often overlook the pressure couples face with a new baby. Preparing parents is crucial. Therefore, I will facilitate “Becoming Us” workshops to support new parents in the coming year.

“Becoming us” is a whole family approach that provides couples with a plan for planting seeds while building their nest from pregnancy to birth and preparing for years ahead by establishing solid foundations.

Group work can be healing; it allows us to reflect together, share, and feel that we are not alone, that we may be experiencing similar situations, and provides us with perspective. The solidarity and connection of others becomes nourishing.

My role as a facilitator makes me feel privileged to see people come together, gradually change, learn, and witness their weekly growth. My role is no longer a job but a blessing.


I created Emotional Growth Psychology Clinic in 2010 and as the Managing Director and founder; I created this mental health service to support families in the northwest areas. I currently have a team of people that care for the community and have aligned ideals of an integrative way of caring for people’s mental health. I provide supervision and support to the team and lead them from the heart to their best performance.

I created “Truly Amazing Kids – TAK”, which provides social skills programs for children at Emotional growth, where they deliver diverse group support and “The Assessment Hub”, where we offer diverse psychological assessments for the community.

My goal in leading is to see the potential in others and help them have the courage to step up to live in their role. Identifying their strengths and recognising that their values are aligned with our company’s mission, so we can all work towards a common goal.


Mindfulness Self Compassion is a workshop I facilitate twice a year, for eight weeks each program. It allows individuals a space to recognise and learn to deal with their inner critics and adopt a kind manner to speak for themselves.

Self-compassion takes personal responsibility for our thoughts, choices, and actions. Most importantly, self-compassion is an essential skill anyone can learn and develop. It involves being mindful of our thoughts and emotions and being courageous enough to face them with kindness and understanding. Self-compassion allows us to acknowledge our pain and suffering without judgement or self-criticism. Doing so can heal our wounds and connect with our humanity. Self-compassion is a journey of self-discovery and growth that leads us to a place of acceptance, love, and forgiveness. When we have self-compassion, we can better deal with the challenges in our lives and connect with others more meaningfully.

Be Brave

Be bold

Take risks

Show up

Make mistakes

Be unconventional

…and don’t hold back


“Embracing Change” is an idea that has been evolving and conveys a testimonial to my own life experience and transformational change based on mindfulness, narrative, emotion-focused therapy, the neuroscience of relationships, self-compassion, and the theory of change. Developing this workshop over seven years and delivering it has been a highlight in my professional journey.

I feel privileged to be part of meaningful changes in people’s lives, where you can observe the power of transformation that lies in taking the time for self-reflection and personal growth. When we dedicate ourselves to exploring our inner selves, we can understand who we are—our true essence—and learn how to tap into it. We can then use this newfound understanding as a springboard for creating positive change in our lives. Taking this time for ourselves also allows us to break free from unhealthy patterns or habits holding us back from living a meaningful life.

Working as a group also provides us with strength by numbers, as we feel connected and part of a safe space to journey together in experiential adventures towards inner peace and courage towards transformation and commitment to ourselves to access our inner potential.

Delivering this retreat has inspired and fueled my life to help others navigate their own changes and transitions. Learn to face hardships and struggles and discover their true essence. I have started writing my book Embracing Change; they say that we must ensure that we deliver what has been bursting within to share our message when we are inspired, thus my ideas are now flowing freely onto the pages.