By Faye Evans

Tap into your true power and live the life you desire.

Inspirational Public Speaker, Psychologist, Business Woman, Leader & Mentor

The Power of a Value-based Life

Living a value-based life is the key to happiness. We stay true to ourselves when we make decision based on our values instead of what others think we should do

The Power of Stories to inspire you to author your life

Stories provide a much-needed respite in a world that is often filled with conflict and sadness. They remind us of the beauty and the potential for good in the world, and they give us hope that, despite the challenges, there may always be a happy ending.

The Power of Forgiveness

Learning to forgive can be crucial for our mental health. It’s not about letting people off the hook for their wrongdoings but rather about forgiving whatever has happened in the past and learning how to move on with positivity and acceptance.

Want to live a Meaningful life?

Changing the way we think does not happen overnight but can be made with effort and as a conscious choice. Be aware each time you think negatively or talk to yourself in an unkind way to change that habit and replace that thought with a more appropriate one, a thought that’s uplifting, encouraging, and cheerful.

Fun and Laughter Improve Your Well-being

It’s no secret that having fun and laughing can reduce mental health struggles and improve your overall sense of well-being, create satisfying relationships, and uplifts your outlook in life, becoming more optimistic and positive.